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Commander Donald Cameron VC (18 March 1916 – 5 April 1961) was a Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry 5 the face of 5 enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

He is one of three VC winners from 5 small town of Carluke in South Lanarkshire (population 14,000).


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Here -was the home of Jesse Fletcher and Lucy Keyes, his wife, where they reared their fifteen children.
The latter lives in a house of his own, a quarter нажмите для деталей a -mile east of the old mansion, and finds it pleasa-nt to spend m-uch of посетить страницу evening amid the scenes of its morning.
In view of the controlling effect of Puritan influences in moulding the character and institutions of this country, per- vading, indeed, the habits and customs of the people, New- England history becomes, with advancing time, of higher im- portance ; and the genealogies of its families will have more attention in the widening circles of succeeding generations.
In the dispersion of New-England people to the westward, so ex- tensive of late, and still proceeding, supplanted b}' foreign im- migration ; in the loss of familj' records ; https://vinni-game.ru/naushniki/toster-delta-dl-080.html the fading out of tradition ; and in the decease of the aged, who have remem- brance of former times ; it is evident that the details of a work like this must be presently' put in the preservatioft of the printed page, or be lost forever.
Preserve the household memoranda!
I thinlc it is a great help for a man to know wliat God did for his читать and his grandfather, for he hopes that their God will be Наушники Beats urBeats3 (3.5 мм) God also.
AWestford schoolmaster, Elijah 1114began these records ; putting down only the bare names of Fletchers, and confined to the Westford branches.
Queerly, he arranged each family with all the names of the sons standing first, and then all those of daughters.
Copies of Elijah's list were made, and his son Timothy, fifty 3'ears later, enlarged it.
In course of time, other lists were added by other hands.
Arthur 237 of Concord, 6 THE FLETCHER FAMILY.
These were connected in a chart or diagram containing 780 names, which was printed in 1848.
But the pecuniar}- sacrifice probably involved hindered the printing for a score of years.
Every year, however, added something ; circulars were issued at several times ; and, aided, perhaps, by the publication of other family histories, an interest was gradually developed.
A cir- cular sent out in 1870 brought respdnses so encouraging that a volume of 280 pages was put to press.
This was I'eceived with much apparent gratification ; but a more complete work was speedil}' demanded.
The issue of that volume brought to light extensive branches hitherto undiscovered, filled up large omissions, and corrected many errors.
Of course, as the num- ber of the descendants is definite, their entire discovery is only a question of research.
The two re-union meetings, and the forming of an oi'ganization, greatly aided in filling out the records, and the subscription of a fund made it possible to bring out the completed work.
A circular was sent, in July, 1879, to all whose addresses are known, urgently soliciting facts, and announcing the present work.
Including wives and husbands, there are recorded in the fol- lowing pages more than ten thousand names, — the descendants of a common ancestor.
The resources of art in late inventions enable us to place in preservation, with wonderful exactness, the faces of a goodly number of the kindred.
Pleasing mementos they are to those who recognize in them familiar friends, and they will https://vinni-game.ru/naushniki/salfetki-freken-bok-trio-3-sht.html most satisfactory and enduring memorials in the future.
Some of them are beautiful specimens of, artistic skill ; all of them accomplish the main design of an accurate portraiture of the living originals.
Such care has been taken in transcribing, that it may be confidently said that whatever errors there may be, they pertain to the manuscript that has been sent, and if a name or date is omitted, then it has not been furnished.
The typography by Messrs.
The signification of the word Jietcher is жмите in our English dictionaries as " an arrow-maker," and " a maker of bows and arrows" — an important craft before the use of fire-arms.
A good authoritj" in this matter is Lower, who, in his " Es- say on English Surnames," says, " Fletcher is from the French Jleche, that is, either an arrow-maker, or, more generall}', a superintendent of archer}.
In this inquir}- we are largeh' indebted to the Rev.
Dymock Fletcher, of Oxford.
Fletcher 2136who has given the subject his attention, in an address at the second family re-union in 1878, spoke of the name and historj' as follows : — " Wherever I have been, the sentiment of family has been strong in me, and I have welcomed ever}' man that was a Fletcher, whether from England, France, Switzerland their native homeor America ; whether in Brazil, or in Portugal, in Italy, in France or in Great Britain ; wherever I met them it was with me as the poet has said, ' Like the heart of Argyle to the tartan I warm.
It is not Norman, but Burgundian French ; and our ancestors without doubt had their origin in that part of Switzerland once Burgundian, but now known as the Canton de Vaud, on the northern shore of the Lake of Geneva.
The origin of the name has to do with the chief weapon of defence, Jleche, an arrow, — a word derived from the Latin verb Jlectire, to bend, — and has to do with the bow.
The French verb is Jlechir.
Now, the man who bent the bow was a de la flechfere, the bender of the bow — in other words the archer.
Fletcher is an English common name ; and as Tarner, author of the best English-and-French dictionaries, gives the English word Fletcher, he has to translate the word into French by a circumlocution — saying that the English word Fletcher is a fabriquant defleches.
Brady, in his ' Dissertation on Names,' perhaps has hit upon the origin of the English word by giving it as fledger, the man who fledges or feathers an arrow.
Our name is distinctly French ; and the original word is de la Jlechiere, which M.
Littre, in the great French dictionary, says has as its synon3'me saggitaire, archer.
His visits to England in the latter part of the 13th century were frequent.
His popularity was great in England.
He was made Earl of Richmond.
That part of London known to this day as Savoy was given him by the king.
Lord Macaulaj' refers to it in his history as a place where a man was as exempt from his creditors, if he fled there, as if he were across the Alps in Savo}'.
In some of his visits in the latter part of the 13th century, he took over a number of young men, in his suite, from what are 5 known as the Cantons de Vaud and Neuchatel.
Vuilmin, in his interesting history of Chillon, says that the names of three of the titled and landed gentlemen were respectively, Portier, Granson, and de la Flechiere.
These gentlemen married into good families in England ; but their names were anglicized.
Portier became Porter ; Granson, Grandison ; and the de la Flechiere became Fletcher.
» " It is an interesting fact that the famih- of the de la Flechiere still exist in Switzerland, noted for their piety and patriotism.
The Methodist Fletcher of England was of that family ; and his name was Jean de la Flechiere, which he changed to Fletcher in England.
I find that before Colum- bus discovered America, William Fletcher of Cockermouth was a gentleman of station and consideration.
His son Henrj', born there 370 years ago, and enjoying the title of Henry F, of Cockermouth Castle, comes plainl}' into history during the trouble connected with Mary Queen of Scots.
He treated his royal charge although she was defeated and a prisoner with all the deference due her exalted station ; and he received a letter of thanks from her for this courtesy, and also for the presentation of a robe of velvet a very costly present in those da3's.
I have no other dress than that in which I escaped from the field.
M3' first day's ride was sixty miles across the country, and I have источник статьи since dared to travel except by night.
There was a Rev.
Richard Fletcher, a prebendar}' of Elizabeth.
Indeed, he was chaplain to Elizabeth as early as 1.
In 1587 he was officiall}- present at the execution of Mary at Fotheringay.
In 1589 he was made bishop of Bristol, in 1592 of Worcester, and перейти 1594 of London.
He died suddenly in 1596 ; and Cam- den, the GPS Трекер TK-915 historian, said it was because of the immoderate use of tobacco.
It is not eminent in politics, but основываясь на этих данных various ranks of societ}'.
No less than three Fletchers hold baronetcies, and others have high offices in the army and nav}- and in civil life.
And nineteen of the families 10 THE FLETCHER FAMILY.
In Lancashire and Yorkshire and in London 3'ou see the names on signs of wholesale merchants and manufacturers and retail tradesmen.
There продолжить a curious evidence of their продолжение здесь />There are twenty-nine clans of g3'psies in Great Britain who had no names.
They came into England in the loth centur}', and adopted as their names those of leading families.
The Stanleys Lord Derby's famil}-the Barnets, the Lees, the Fletchers, and the Bucklands are amongst the famih' names adopted b}' them.
These go back earlier than 1450, and show that in less than a century they were reputable.
Kyte Cakeler and Colett Crane, Gille Fetyse and fayr Jane, Powle Powther and Parnel Prane, And Phelypp the good Fleccher.
Here is Jenkyne Bewarde of Barwycke And Tom Tumbler of Warwyke With Phylypp Fletcher of Fernan, And Patrick Perysshe, heerbeter With lusty Harry Hange-man.
Maj- we emulate their virtues!
That bundle of letters would give us valuable information concerning the first several generations in America, and our connection with our English ancestors.
They would become more precious witli the lapse of 5, and the proba- bility is strong that thev still exist.
FAMILY ARMS, Until the English connection больше на странице be established, the armorial badge of the famil}' cannot, of course, be ascertained.
Several have been procured by different members, from offices of her- aldry, but no two are alilve, and all are based upon mere con- jecture.
ROBERT IN AMERICA, A paper read at the first gathering in Lowell, in the year of the national centennial celebration, will be partially repeated here : — Some ma}' regard it as not very desirable, after all, that we should go back beyond American annals ; and we will now takf our compion ancestor Robert as first we find him — an English man with a 3'oung family coming with the first strong tide immigration to the shores of New England, in the year 1630.
The place of his settlement was a tract which, or at least a part of which, was embraced within the limits of Concord, the first inland town of Massachusetts, upon its incorporation five 3'ears later.
Samuel Stowe to Hope, daughter of William Fletcher, Esq.
As Chelmsford was not incorporated till five years later than that time, there must be some doubt of the correctness of the entrj' in all its particulars ; and as his name is not otherwise found recorded, the probability is, that, if there was such a brother, he left no male issue.
That Robert was a man of some distinction, is very certain from direct traditional ac- counts, and also from the public records.
The onl}' public office he is known to have held was that of constable, to which he was elected in 1637, and from which he was formally dis- charged in 1639, in the language of the record "not being found faulty.
With his famil}' of five children growing up around him, Robert went on subduing the wilderness.
But it seems they were disappointed " b}- the povertie and meaness of the soil, and the badness and wetness of the meadows, and the taxes bore heavil}- upon them.
In this year the second son William, grown to manhood, was married, and a few j-ears later, about 1653, removed a few miles noi'th-west to strike out for himself a new home.
Samuel, the next in age, soon followed in nearl}- the same direction, leaving Luke, the oldest, and Francis, the j'oungest, at the paternal home.
Francis married in 1656.
Luke died in 1665, probably unmarried.
The daughter, Cary, died about 1670.
Robert, the father, lived on to the ripe old age of eighty-five, and died on the 3d of April, читать статью />He witnessed the semi- centennial of the landing of the Pilgrims, and almost completed a half-century of his own life in America.
He had then living at least three sons, ten grandsons, and six granddaughters.
In the second generation the sons followed the occupation of their father, unless Luke was an exception, of which we know nothing.
He, as ahead}' stated, lived in Concord, and died https://vinni-game.ru/naushniki/stilus-elago-hexa-dlya-ipadiphone-black.html twelve years before the decease of his father.
William, the second son, removed a few miles to the northward with his wife and two children, joining with several others from Concord and Woburn : they settled and organized the town of Chelms- ford.
The charter is dated 1653 ; and in November of the next year the settlers convened 5 William's house, and organized by electing town officers, William being selectman.
He either was at that time, or soon afterward became, proprietor of a con- siderable tract extending to the Indian fisheries of Pawtucket P'alls, and embracing the present site of the city of Lowell.
William died at the age of fift3'-five.
His death occurred the same j-ear with, and only a few months subsequent to, that of his father.
His oldest daughter, Lydia, was the wife of the Rev.
John Fisk, the first minister of Chelmsford, and all his children appear to have settled about him.
The great landed estate has been divided and subdivided by inheritance through several generations, and has mostly passed to owners of other names.
The part, where is now the centre of Lowell, descended to his great-grandson Andrew, who owned three hundred acres, and was sold out of the famil}' soon after Andrew's death in 1792.
One farm still remains to us in Middle 5 />The present owner is William Fletcher, of the eighth generation from Robert, who has held possession from considerations of famil}' attachment, although his own pecuniary interest would have been better subserved by its relinquishment.
There is the spot where was the first framed house in Chelmsford, built by William, the son of Robert, in which the first town-meeting was held, before alluded to.
Samuel, the third son of Robert, pitched his habitation also in Chelmsford, in a part of the town that in 1729 was set off in forming the town of Westford.
He was one of the " committee 14 THE FLETCHER FAMILY.
He lived to about threescore and ten years, and left two sons and two daughters.
The sons lived and died at or near their birthplace ; of the daughters we have no accounts.
The exact spot where stood the homestead of Samuel is uncertain now ; but the lands of Sherman D.
Fletcher of Westford, the seventh generation from Robert, at least in part, were once within Samuel's boundaries.
Francis, the 3'oungest son of Robert, remained in Concord ; and there is nothing recorded of him that needs to be noted here, be3'ond the general evidences that he was a leading man in the communit}'.
At the death of his father, in 1G77, he was forty-one years of age, possessed of 5 acres of land, and in full communion with the church.
His wife was a daughter of George Wheeler, one of the original settlers.
They had eight children : most of them certainly, and perhaps all, found room enough to live in their native town.
His descendants are still there ; but we must look for them in the town of Acton, which was set off from Concord in 1735.
We have, then, our genealogical tree divided in the sons of Robert into three grand branches.
First, the Chelmsford branch of William ; second, the Westford branch of Samuel ; and third, the Acton branch of Francis.
And not either of those sturdy old Puritan fathers wants a man to-day after two hundred years have passed, as an occupant of the ancient patri- mou}'.
In William of Chelmsford, Sherman D.
The grandchildren of Robert numbered at least twent3'-two.
All of them lived and died within tlie area of a circle of twenty miles radius.
Our blood was nurtured for at least three generations in Massachusetts.
But the fourth generation, the great-grandchildren of Robert, began to читать полностью farther awa}'.
John, of the Chelmsford branch, settled at Lancaster, Mass.
Robert, of the same https://vinni-game.ru/naushniki/vreznaya-kuhonnaya-moyka-marrbaxx-dzhekki-z9-granit-marr.html, went to a part of Dunstable, which is now Tvngsboro', not man}' miles distant.
Eleazer, of the 5 branch, settled in Sutton, in that part which is now Grafton, Mass.
Hezekiah, of the Acton branch, became a physician, and prac- tised in Rutland, Mass.
His brother AVilliam went to the New-Hampshire grants — afterwards Vermont.
But we can trace no one of this generation beyond the New-England States.
From this time the emigration of our family became, as with all the people of the Massachusetts Ba}- Colon}- more extensive ; and in the hard and terrible times that followed the Revolution, effective?

Наушники INTERSTEP SBH-520 congratulate removed to Maine, Перейти Hampshire, and Vermont.
It is onl}- within the last fift}' or seventj'-five years that the sons and daughters of New England have been largely departing from New England until to a wide extent old family mansions are deserted and the lands left to foreigners.
But, though more widel}' scattered than in former times, our family has con- tinued to increase ; and we believe that in all its branches are still manifest the virtues of a long New-England nurture.
We are not a people to exuli in the mere glor}- of military achievements, but there is renown that is good in the patriotic warfare in which we have had an honorable part.
In the wars of colonial times, several are mentioned in the records ; and two brothers, Ephraim and Zechariah, lost their lives in the In- dian wars.
Church, at one time eptered the camp of the Indian chief Anawam, ascertained the strength of that warrior's forces, and then acted as guide to our troops that surprised and routed them.
Paul Fletcher 1153 was killed at YsiWej Forge, and Henrj- Fletcher 3116 at White Plains; and tales of self-denial and heroism are told of others than those who fought.
Thus schooled in нажмите чтобы перейти hard and rugged times of the earl}' settlement, and at a later day weighing out the price of the nation's independence, what 5 be expected of such a race when domestic rebellion would destroy the costly fabric of our nationality?
Could one prove recreant and degenerate?
The list of those who went to the front in посетить страницу источник war of the Rebellion is far from complete, but as it stands it numbers 258.
And they were not cowards, for the dreadfully large number of 62 never returned.
Almost one in four of those whose names we have who enlisted gave his life Весы Beurer GS 46 the cause.
And some suffered the inhuman atrocities of Andersonville and other prison-pens.
We have not figured largely in political life.
We have had three governors of Ссылка на продолжение, half a score members of Congress, and several judges eminent upon the bench.
We could go through a long list of good and noble men, call them up one by one, and dwell with pleasure upon the record of their lives and deeds.
And no less excellent were their sisters, such as Am}', the wife of Daniel Emerson ; Grace, who married Daniel Web- ster ; and man}' others.
A reference is proper here to some of those to whose labor we are indebted for the knowledge we have of kindred.
They were men who loved mankind no less because they Наушники Audio-Technica ATH-CM3 their kindred more.
Principally there was Elijah Fletcher of Hop- kinton, N.
The papers he left are still extant ; and to them his son Timothy, fifty years later, made some additions.
Since the death of Timothy in 1842, Calvin Fletcher of Indianapolis, among the many good deeds prompted by his noble heart, largely promoted this work.
It is a superficial and erroneous view that sees in this pursuit the offspring of narrow minds, and посмотреть больше find as its motive clannishness and family pride.
It is the very expansion of the human heart.
The affections of kin- Посмотреть еще FLETCHER FAMILY.
Societ}- is so bound together b}' strong ties that no man liveth to himself.
And if considerations come to our hearts, that our acts and our neglect, our merits and our deficiencies, bear на этой странице to our fellows, fling back even their coloring to our fathers, and for- ward to our successors, some strengthening maj' be given to our endeavor to make the most and the best of our human existence.
We need something to bind us together, beyond the mere letter of a civil compact, or the sympathy of a national name.
Meetings of this kind have become frequent among the New Englanders.
The subject of a gathering of the Fletchers had been often discussed, and its desirableness had been admitted for a long time, when David H.
After consultation, he issued a circular call- ing a meeting to convene in Lowell, Mass.
With the co-operation of Lowell friends the result was a suc- cess.
In his address on that occasion David H.
Fletcher of Chelsea, Mass.
The second meeting was called by the executive committee of tlie " Union" to meet in Lowell, Aug.
Bj' a provision in the constitution the third meeting will occur in 1883, unless sooner called by the executive committee.
This Association shall be called the Fletcher Family Uniox.
The officers of this societ}' shall be a President, a Secre- tary', a Treasurer ; also, in each State, a Vice-President, an Assistant Secretarj', and an Assistant Treasurer, and also an Executive Committee of three persons, beside the President and Secretar}', who shall be ex-officio members of said committee.
All the said officers shall hold their offices until others shall have been chosen in their places, which choice shall be made at each general meeting.
The Secretary' shall keep a record of the proceedings of the society and of the Executive Committee, and shall be the custodian of the books, records, and papers of the society.
The Vice-Presidents, Assistant Secretaries, and Assistant Treasurers shall constitute State Boards to call local meetings in their respective States, and to promote generally the objects and interests of the Family- 5, and make report through the Secretarj' of the Union.
The Executive Committee shall have a general charge and control of the affairs of the Union, including all financial mat- ters, with the sole right to draw upon the Treasurer.
They shall call a general Re-Union Meeting as often as once in five years from Aug.
Fletcher 7961of Chelsea, Mass.
Fletcher 3362Biirnham.
Fletcher 747Chester.
Fletcher 4742Westford.
Fletcher 6691Providence.
Fletcher 4163Hartford.
Crane 1600Plainfield.
Fletcher 2143Indianapolis.
Fletcher 7144Chicago.
Fletcher 2118Detroit.
Benton 6803Minneapolis.
Whitmore 7047Anita.
Weston 5606Gallatin.
Fletcher 2526Colorado Springs.
Chapin 4563Silver City.
Fletcher 7982Elk Falls.
Fletcher 2476San Francisco.
Henry Lea взято отсюдаWilmington.
Fletcher 2970Richmond.
Fletcher 248Jacksonville.
Parker 2900Centreville.
Fletcher 2516Baton Rouge.
Fletcher 4780 Жмите сюда York City.
Marden 523Dixmont.
Fletcher 5686New London.
Fletcher 2077Dunstable.
Fletcher 4555Providence.
Fletcher 417New York.
Matthews 7069Belleville.
Fletcher 7029Kane.
Gregor}- 266Laporte.
Fletcher 2454Englewood.
Severance 5637Trimbelle.
Bowen 7039Des 5 />Hale 6892St.
York 7568St.
Fletcher 7985Elk Falls.
Whitmore 7048Colorado Springs.
Fletcher 5785Virginia City.
Dix Fletcher 5075Marietta.
Fletcher 249Jacksonville.
Varnnm Fletcher 1915Belmont, Mass.
A ssisi an t Treasurers.
Fletcher 1926Portland.
Fletcher 3338Nashua.
Fletcher 6894Bridport.
Fletcher 288Brooklyn.
Fletcher 6688Westerville.
Fletcher 4731Troy.
Fletcher 1959Wayne.
Darling 4859Deloit.
Fletcher 5238Fort Scott.
Fletcher 2072Minneapolis.
Fletcher 6800Eureka.
Wilder 5078San Francisco.
Dix Fletcher 5200Lowell, Mass.
Warren Fletcher 2268East Boston, Mass.
John Адрес страницы 6592Acton, Mass.
Edwards Hall 1624New York City.
Robert Fletcher 4907Hanover, N.
Fletcher 7890Boston, Mass.
Fletcher, 418 West 51st Street, New York City.
A GENEALOGY in book form cannot be so quickly understood as in a diagram or tree ; but a little examination will render it intelligible.
In this volume ever}- name has its number placed at the left, and each one which has a phis mark, thus - - on the right, recurs again as the head of a famil}' in the succeeding generation, in capital letters, with the same посмотреть больше placed in parenthesis on the right.
The small superior figure at the end of a name denotes the generation.
Errors undoubtedly will be found.
Some correspondents do not write a plain hand ; and dates given from recollection are often erroneous.
If notification shall be given to the author of any errors that may be discovered, such correction will be printed in proper form, and sent to each purchaser of the book.
Hezekiah Abraham, ' XXX.
The part of England whence he came has not been cer- tainly ascertained.
One circumstance has indicated Shrop- shire.
The family tradition makes it Yorkshire, one of the northern counties of England.
The name has been, and still is, common there.
Elijah Fletcher of Hop- kinton, N.
He settled at Concord, Mass.
It was said by Gardner Fletcher 3136that the tradition in his branch was that Robert had a brother William, who came at the same time.
The only traces found of a William who could have been brother of Robert are two ; one from the rec- ords of Middletown, Conn.
It was five years later that Concord для наушников Lehmannaudio Traveller organized, узнать больше здесь twentieth town incorporated within what are now the limits DELTA 2003/22 SP-3 Massachusetts, and his name appears in the earli- 26 FLETCHER GENEALOGY.
Samuel 2 + 6.
Shattuck, who speaks of the early settlers of this town as among the most wealthy, intelligent, and pious of the early colonists.
They chose this lor-atiun prohably on account of the beautiful open plain land and the broad meadows of the Concord River, https://vinni-game.ru/naushniki/braslet-hrs-w2p.html Miisketaqukl grass-grown of the Indians.
This being soe eminent above what hath befallen other plantations, hath occa- sioned many at several times to depart from us, and this last winter, in the end of it, a 7th or 8th part of the Towne went to the southward with Mr.
Jones, and many more resolved to goe after them, so that maney houses in the Towne stand voyde of Inhabit- ants, and more are likely to be; and we are confident th:it if conscience had not re- strained, fearing the dissolution of the Towne by their removeall, very many had departed to one place or other where Providence should have hopefully promised a live- lehood.
If it be sayd we maj' goe to other places and meet with as many difHculties as here, experience herein satisfies as against many reasons.
Such as hardly subsisted with us, and were none of the ablest among us, either for labour or ordering their occasions, have much thriven in other jjlaces they have removed unto.
Our humble request is that you would be pleased to consider how unable we are to beare with our brethren the common charges, the premises considered.
Lydia Bates in Concord, Mass.
This first publick meeting was holden at his house.
In 1665, as petitioner for a road ; same year, a bill of посетить страницу for his servant being put in house of correction ; same year, bill of costs for suit against William Shaw.
In 1663, as appraiser of an estate.
In 1671, " Mo- tion to court by William Fletcher of Chelmsford.
His sister Cary, on her death-bed, desired him and her hus- band to take care of her children.
Willing to be engaged for the child Sherybiah Kebby.
The нажмите чтобы увидеть больше of his dau.
Lydia only is found on the Con- cord records, — the first birth of a Fletcher that is re- corded in America.
A letter dated Feb.
His widow Lydia d.
Issue : — 7.
John Fiske, the first minister in Chelmsford.
Paul 3 + узнать больше здесь />William 3 -I- 28 FLETCHER GENEALOGY.
Isaac, son of Abraham Parker.
Samuel 2 -{~ SAMUEL 2 5b.
He settled in the part of Chelmsford which is now Westford; m.
Margaret Hails- ton, Oct.
William 3 4- FRANCIS 2 6b.
He remained with his father in Concord, and became, like his two older brothers, who settled in the adjoining town, a great land-owner.
He Avas reported " in full communion with ye church at Concord " in 1677, and adm.
In 1666, when the records of deeds was revised, he owned lot No.
A petition to license a man to sell wine is signed by him Dec.
Samuel Strat- ton, Aug.
Giissies Jewell, May 4, 1668; 2d, Sarah Willy, July 18, 1682.
In the court files of Middlesex County is the record of a suit by Rev.
Fisk against Joshua Fletcher "for break- ing into his house, and accompanying with his mayd serv- ant.
Fisk was his brother-in-law.
Also is there recorded, " Joshua Fletcher's confession of crime with Griswold Juel in Mr.
Paul 4 -f see Branch II.
John,4 + see Branch IH.
June 10, 1698; m.
Samuel Hart- well, at Concord, Mass.
Deliverance Stevens, both of Chelms- ford, at Charlestown, Mass.
June 15, 1711; unra.
Samuel Adams of Chelmsford, Aug.
He was probably unra.
June 15, 1724 ; m.
Benoni Jewett of Nottingham, Nov.
Dudley, at Boston, 1704 ; d.
May 26, 1679; m.
June 8, 1711, Pelatiah Adams.
X SAMUEL 3 14b.
July 23, 1664 ; adm.
Hannah ; 2d, at Concord, June 7, 1699, Sarah Bale of that town; 3d, at Concord, Dec.
William ad- ministered his estate.
Issue : — lOh i.
July 19, 1701; m.
Eleazer 4+ see Branch XVII.
WILLIAM 3 18b.
Harvard, 1735 ; m.
Eliza- beth Wheeler, Apr.
Wife survived him but three days.
Chil- dren, all b.
Joseph 4 -f see Branch XXIII.
John 4+ see' Branch XXIV.
Mary Dudley, June 17, 1688.
Issue : — 94.
Mary Wood, May 11, 1703.
All of these one hundred and more were born in the towns of Concord and Chelmsford, as those towns then were ; or in Concord, Chelmsford, Westford, Tyngsboro', Acton, and Carlisle, as the boundaries of the towns now are.
This is one of the Westford branches, numbering upon our records 771 names.
Joshua, who is at the head of it, lived there, and all his sons raised their families in that town.
Of his grandchildren, nearly all removed ; and the branch has now few, if any, representatives there.
He lived in a part по ссылке Chelmsford which was, in 1729, set off to form the town of Westford, of wJiich he was the first town-clerk.
Dea- con of the church; d.
Their gravestones may be seen in the west ceme- tery in Westford, where they lived, and reared their nu- merous family, viz.
Joshua 5 -f 110.
Sarah 5 + 119.
May 1, 1701; m.
He had but two children, both b.
GERSHOM 5 110b.
July 27, 1702; m.
Lydia Town- send ; d.
He appears to have removed 123.
He removed again, in 1773, to Plymouth, N.
His gravestone is to be seen in the west cemetery in W.
Issue : — 122.
Hezekiah Corey of New Ipswich, N.
His wife's name was Hannah.
He lived in Westford, and all his children were born there.
He enlisted in the French war, and never returned home.
In the Massachusetts State Archives, vol.
Issue : — 131.
Peter « + 133.
Susannah Fassett at Concord, Mass.
He enlisted with his bro.
Ephraim in the French and Indian war, and, like him, never returned.
A gravestone in the west cemetery of W.
Susannah his wife ; and last the wife of Mr.
Joseph Parker, July 18, 1763 ; m.
Salmon, son of Joseph Dutton, who was b.
After the death of Sarah, he m.
Mary Robbins, and 3d, Mrs.
Children of Sarah and Samuel Parker : — 156.
May 20, 1742; m.
Susannah Fletcher « 139.
LYDIA6 122b.
Issue : — 161.
May 7, 1761 ; m.
Elnathan Reed of Westford, and settled in Stoddard, N.
Betsey Wright of Littleton, Mass.
June 21, 1766, and d.
March 31, 1765; m.
May 24, 1764, and d.
Abel White of Acton, Mass.
Polly Emerson, 1793, who was b.
May 30, 1774; ra.
Issue : — 172.
GERSH0M6 124b.
When very young, his father rem.
His children, as follows, were all b.
July 2, 1746; m.
Jonathan Robbins of Plymouth, N.
Had two sons : — 181.
She lived to old age.
Issue : — 183.
He was a man greatly beloved by all who knew him.
Children : — 185.
Nancy Boardman, who d.
He was graduated at Dartmouth, 1810, and then was principal of the academy in Gil- manton, N.
He read law with Samuel Green of Concord, N.
He was for many years deacon, and a prominent https://vinni-game.ru/naushniki/teploizolyatsiya-energofleks-45h13mm-2m.html, ofthe Cong, church.
He returned to Con- cord in подробнее на этой странице autumn of 1850, and d.
Fletcher was a woman of great excellence of character, of exemplary piety, and was greatly beloved by a wide cir- cle of friends.
He was a merchant in Boston, and afterwards studied law, and removed to K Pro 612 AKG Наушники, Mich.
He was for many years chief 5 of the superior court of Michi- gan, and was appointed to revise the laws of the State; d.
A soldier in the Revolution; d.
Their children were : — 194.
July, 1776 ; d.
June 23, 1740 ; chr.
June 29, 1740 ; m.
Eunice Keep of Harvard, Mass.
Issue : — 203.
Amos Cummings, in Gray, Me.
Jeremiah Pennell in Gray, Me.
GERSH0M7 180b.
Mary 8 + 211.
Joseph 8 -f 212.
June 16, 1808 ; m.
Carpenter in Tilton, N.
Sarah « + 215.
JOSHUA 7 185b.
Sarah Pulsifer of Campton, N.
He was a merchant, and lived many years in San Felipe de Austin, Tex.
At the time the Mexicans invaded Texas, about 1833, the people of San Felipe abandoned the place, 5 de- жмите their property.
He was keeping a store there, and, after giving to all leave to carry off what they could, him- self set fire to the store, which was consumed, as was the whole place.
Issue : — 217.
Leonard Rogers, a Pres.
Charles 8 -h 219.
Cephas Stone of St.
Foster, a farmer of Crystal Lake, 111.
Amos 8 4- J0SEPH7 186b.
Bet- sey Webster, 1803; d.
May, 1782 ; d.
Their children were : — 224.
David Cheney of Gro- ton, N.
Clough of Lowell, Mass.
Dentist, in Concord, N.
He had his name altered by the legislature to John I FLETCHER GENEALOGY.
NATHAN 7 188b.
Deacon of Cong, church ; rep.
Court ; a man of high standing.
Children : — 236.
Arthur 8 + 238.
Cum- mings, June 29, 1853, who d.
Smith, July 17, 1867.
Machinist at Holderness, N.
AMOS 7 191b.
Abigail Gale, 1817, who d.
Resided in Middleton, Mass.
Abigail 8 + 242.
Amos 8 -h 243.
Joseph 8 -j- 244.
Children : — 248.
Webster of Concord, N.
Charles Virgin of Concord, N.
RUTH 7 195b.
Josiah Batchelder of New Ipswich, N.
Her funeral sermon, and that of her son William K.
Children : — 258.
Adeline Fletch- er « 287res.
July 7, 1799, Thirza Taylor, at Alstead, N.
His business abili- ties were remarkable.
He held a high position in the public estimation ; was a captain in the militia.
From Alstead he removed, in 1838, to Laporte, Ind.
His wife was b.
Parents and children were all meqabers of Congre- gational churches, and supporters of good works of benevo- lence and reform.
Issue : — 262.
July 13, 1808 ; d.
Sophia Emily » -f- 266.
Amelia Calista « + 267.
EBENEZER 7 197b.
May 17, 1770 ; m.
Peday Smith, carpenter ; res.
Issue : — 270.
Kimball Bachelder 8 -f 273.
Sally Lovell, Rockingham, Vt.
Farmer at Spring- field, Vt.
Children : — 275.
David « + 280.
Jacob Stoddard, in Rockingham, Vt.
Peter Emerson « + 284.
June 8, 1812 j rd.
Mary Raynesford of Chesterfield, N.
Artist in Keeseville, N.
JAMES посмотреть больше 201b.
Azubah Gale ; d.
Carpenter ; lived in Al- stead, N.
June 17, 1850, and he Feb.
Issue : — 290.
David Dawson ; res.
Issue : — 295.
By 2d marriage : — 296.
June 7, 1842 ; m.
July 18, 1852 ; m.
July 20, 1810 ; d.
June 22, 1839, Margaret P.
Campbell ; settled 1837, in Evansville, Wis.
Issue : — 304.
Garlin of Providence, R.
Lydia Rob- son ; wheelwright in Evansville.
Issue : — Walcott H.
June 7, 1851 ; mer- chant in Evansville.
Issue : — 313.
Issue : — 318.
Issue : — 321.
Henry Willey ; d.
Thomas 8 -f- 328.
MARY« 210b.
Robinson, who was b.
Their " golden wedding " was celebrated with a numerous as- semblage.
Among many stories of early life in Vermont, Mr.
Robinson related смотрите подробнее they went to meeting, two miles distant, six on two horses.
The mother took the hired girl on behind, and the baby in her lap.
Rob- inson, on anojjjaer horse, took the two older children in like manner.
Children : — 330.
June 11, 1832 ; m.
Mary Elizabeth Storrs,io b.
Farmer in Holland, Vt.
Issue : — 345.
Ellen Sybil « + 346.
Ruel Danforth « + 347.
May 10, 1863, se.
June 6, 1843 ; d.
May 17, 1849; m.
Issue : — 356.
CHARLES 8 218res.
Issue : — 363.
New-York City, where he d.
Issue : — 370.
July 4, 1842 ; d.
From 1845 to 1850 lived in Concord, N.
Children : — 373.
May 7, 1830; m.
Tilyard, who was b.
Issue : — 380.
Henry Fletcher Powell,io b.
Issue : — 388.
CYRUS 8 236b.
Yale, 1836; read law with Samuel Fletcher 189 ; m.
Minot, 1848; practises his profession in Concord, N.
Children: — - HANNAH EMERSON No.
Children : — 398.
By 2d marriage : — 399.
AMOS 8 242j, b.
Hannah Tuttle, 1844 ; d.
JOSEPH 8 243b.
Children : — 402.
Children : — 405.
Child : — 414.
Lillian Perry ,9 b.
June 14, 1801, in Alstead, N.
Ruggles, and practised in New- York City; m.
Almira Barnes of Berlin, Conn.
He had attained a high standing in his profession, with flattering prospects, when taken down by a consumption brought on by over-exertion.
Children : — 415.
A lady of high literary attainments, and a suc- cessful popular lecturer.
JOHN ADAMS 8 264b.
He has been eighteen years deacon in Cong, churches.
Rogers of Keeseville, N.
Children : — 423.
Issue : — 424.
Frederic Bartlett Bradford,io b.
Issue : — 430.
Frederic Corning Rogers,io b.
Edward Woltoii Rogers,io b.
Philip Fletcher Rogers,io b.
Margaret Fuller Rogeks,io b.
Issue : — 436.
Issue : — 438.
Sophia Emilv Cleaver,io b.
Julia Ames Cleaver,io b.
In the Rebel war, 24th Wis.
Charles Edward Rogers,io b.
Issue : — 449.
Alice Emily Rogers,io b.
Frances Bradford Rogers,io b.
Ralph Burr Rogers,i« b.
Alice Emily Rogers,'' b.
Issue : — 455.
Emily Fletcher Rogers,io b.
Ethel Belle Rogers,io b.
Children : — 457.
Carrie Andrew ; res.
He was in many battles, from Green River to Chicka- hominy.
Bullets passed through his clothes, 52 FLETCHER GENEALOGY.
At the close of the war he had risen to the rank of colonel.
William Wier of La- porte.
Children : — 459.
Children : — 467.
Horatio Billings, Chicago, 111.
He was in the Rebel 5, lieut.
Racine ; he was in the war in 2d Wis.
He received his education principally at the Kim- ball Union Academy at Meriden, in Plainfield, N.
Hub- l ard, Ex-Gov.
Cushman, and John L.
Sheaf ; and was admitted to the bar at the age of twenty- four.
He remained here, however, only about one year, when he removed to Colebrook, N.
Hunking of Lancaster, who d.
It is useless to undertake to enumerate the many virtues of this man, whose life for half a century has filled so large a space in his profession and in the social circle.
May, 1840 ; d.
In the war of the Rebellion, in the 5th N.
Mary Copp, 1843, who d.
Children by 1st marriage : — 475.
Charles Warren » + 477.
Abby Kimball ; merchant in Burlington, Vt.
Children by 2d marriage : — 478.
Colby, who жмите сюда b.
He was sheriff, U.
Children : — 480.
Mary Gould, больше информации farmer.
Sylvia Martin of Essex, N.
Had issue : — 488.
June 10, 1831 ; m.
Martha Mager of Tennessee ; lawyer in Lyons, lo.
FRINK8 277b.
Esther Olcott, 1836 ; farmer in Springfield.
Children : — 489.
JEHIAL8 278b.
Veranda Misser of Westminster, Vt.
Chil- dren : — 491.
DAVID 8 279b.
LYMAN 8 281b.
Rhoda Pond of Keeseville, N.
Children : — 498.
Messinger ; carriage-manu- facturer in Laporte, Ind.
Children : — 501.
Turnbull of Defiance, O.
Olive Jane Hunt, Nov.
Getty of Genesee, 111.
Builder ; now real-estate broker in Brooklyn, N.
Children : — 505.
Bige- low of Batavia, N.
Issue : — 511.
Betsey Archi- bald; ra.
Issue : — i.
By 2d marriage : — Everett M.
Issue : — i.
JABEZ8 323b.
July 2, 1800, in Gray, Me.
Tasker ; Freewill Baptist minister.
He would chop all the week, and on Sunday walk a distance of six miles, and preach without compensation.
Lacking early education, he availed himself of the town school, when he was thirty years old, in acquiring further knowledge of some branches, and also of the tuition of his wife, who was an educated lady.
He preached the gospel, solemnized marriages, baptisms, and burials, and tilled the soil, through a long, laborious, and useful life.
His industry was rewarded by a compe- tence.
Issue : — 523.
Free- will Baptist minister.
Issue : — 532.
Esther 9 + 534.
Betsey 9 + ZACHARIAH8 325b.
Issue : — 535.
Mary 9 -t- 536.
Hannah « + 537.
William 9 + 539.
Elizabeth 9 + 540.
Abigail 9 + 541.
Issue : — 545.
May 17, 1847 ; m.
FL0RINDA8 328b.
Benjamin Farnum ; d.
Issue : — 549.
June 18, 1829; m.
Kilburn of Concord, N.
July 30, 1863, and he d.
Issue : — 552.
Kilburn,io b July 29, 1861.
Lang of Tilton, N.
Issue : — 557.
Cobb of Morgan, Vt.
Issue ' "~~" Sydney Cobb,io b.
Clara Cobb,io b; May 14, 1865.
Sarah Bangs of New- York City, where thev res.
Issue : — 564.
Moulton, dentist, of Stanstead, P.
Charles Albert Moulton,io b.
William Danforth Moulton,io b.
Nellie Frances Moultok,io b.
Emma Blanche Moulton,io b.
Chase, who was b.
He commenced life in mercantile pursuit ; grad.
He has held important positions in the city gov- ernment ; six years city auditor.
Children : — 572.
Issue by 1st marriage : — 576.
June 24, 1855, in Rock Island, P.
Stephen Harrington Wyman,io b.
By 2d marriage : — 579.
Emma Fletcher Reed,io b.
Issue : — 580.
Issue : — 584.
Henry Fletcher Meeker,io b.
Issue : — 586.
Строительные нормы и правила СНиП 371b.
George Car- man; res.
May 20, 1851 ; m.
Issue : — 590.
Issue : — 59L i.
Children : — 592.
July 24, 1837 ; m.
Maria Dodge of Fort Atkinson, Wis.
July 19, 1839 ; ra.
Moore of Laporte, Ind.
Issue : — 597.
July 28, 1842; m.
Issue : — 598.
Issue : — 599.
Is- sue: — 600.
Lora Eliza Palmeter," b.
Ladd, judge of Supreme Court of N.
Children : — 602.
Edward Everett Ladd," b.
William Palmer Ladd," b.
June 30, 1837 ; lumber-dealer in Charles City, To.
Issue : — 605.
C, July 10, 1863, a bullet took off a part of his left ear.
Issue : — William Harvey," b.
May 22, 1843; m.
Robinson of Brooklyn, N.
Issue : — 611.
Seymour of Laporte, Ind.
Issue : — 612.
Ralph Fletcher Seymour,"' b.
Issue by 1st marriage : — 613.
Alice May Tasker,io b.
Chase of Hampden, Me.
Issue : — 616.
June 12, 1838; m.
Manning, a lumberman, who served in the war of the Rebellion ; res.
Issue : — 618.
Cora Louisa Manning,'" b.
May 16, 1840 ; m.
Issue : — 620.
Mary EUen Simpson,'" b.
Burch ; farmer in Dixmont.
Issue : — 630.
Neva Estelle White,i» b.
Issue : — 631.
Nellie Louisa Furbush,i« b.
Thompson ; farmer in Dixmont.
Issue : — 633.
ESTHER 9 533b.
Issue : — 639.
BETSEY 9 534b.
Issue : — 640.
MARY 9 535b.
Issue : — 648.
May 27, 1853; m.
HANNAH 9 536b.
July 14, 1827 ; m.
Tasker, a farmer ; d.
Tasker ; a farmer in Dixmont.
Issue : — 662.
Manning; farmer in Greenbush, Me.
Issue : — 665.
ELIZABETH 9 539приведу ссылку />Keniston, a farmer in Dixmont.
Issue : — 667.
June 28, 1853; d.
May 12, 1863; d.
ABIGAIL 9 540b.
May 6, 1837 ; m.
July 10, 1855 ; m.
Willis Emerson, a farmer in Hampden, Me.
July 8, 1857 ; d.
May 25, 1865, John White, a farmer in Greenfield, Me.
Cora Louisa White,'" b.
Grace Dexter White,'" b.
In this branch are three of the eleventh generation.
Including husbands and wives of the descendants, there are 147 names.
He " was in the Snow- shoe Company formed during the Indian war," in 1724 ; he was town-treasurer in 1731.
Issue : — 682.
John 5 + 684.
Jonathan Fletcher entered his intentions of marriage with Lucy Ste- vens, both of this town.
Gave certificate that said Fletcher and Stevens have been published as the law directs.
Lydia Patch, June 28, 1736.
Is- sue : — 686.
June 5, 1737 ; d.
Paul 6 + 689.
EBENEZER 5 685m.
PAUL 6 688b.
Children of Paul and Anna : — 697.
Daniel ' + Child of Paul and Abigail : — 699.
ChHd of Paul and Thankful : — 700.
JOSIAH 6 690b.
Issue : — 701.
Is- sue : — 706.
Isaac 7 + 708.
Simeon ' + 709.
Solomon ' + 710.
DANIEL 7 698b.
Susan Stone; served in the Revolution ; rem.
Chil- dren, all b.
Jonas 8 -f 714.
Susan « -f 717.
Sally 8 4- 718.
Major Jenkins ; d.
Had issue : — 722.
Issue : — 741.
JONAS 8 713b.
Lucinda Sawtell ; served in the war of 1812 ; d.
Issue : — Lucinda S.
June 20, 1817; res.
Frances Wes- ton ; res.
Issue : — 754.
Children : — 756.
Nathan Lake ; d.
Issue : — по этому сообщению />Issue : - 766.
William Wallace CusmiAN,i» b.
FOSTER 9 744b.
Issue : — 774.
May 13, 1815 ; m.
Van Voorhies, who d.
Issue : — 778.
Leroy Van Ness,'" b.
June 26, 1819; m.
Jacobs ; lawyer in Chester, Vt.
Issue : — 785.
Ara Dillingham '" + 786.
Martin ; enlisted in the war of the Rebellion ; d.
Thomas's army in Nashville, Tenn.
Children : — 779.
Issue : — 795.
Sarah Bing- ham, who d.
Issue : — 797.
Issue t ~~~ 798.
Henrietta Par- menter; res.
Emma Starkey ; merchant in Bellows Falls, Посетить страницу источник />Issue : — 801.
WILLIAM'" 796m.
This branch читать больше presented with considerable complete- ness, showing 381 names.
Hannah Phelps of Lancaster, Mass.
The old homestead re- mained until 1868 in possession of his descendants.
John 5 -f 804.
JOHNS 803b.
Issue : — 810.
® JOSHUAS 806b.
At the time of the Revolution he was one of the committee of safety.
When the news of the battle of Lexington reached him, he, though more than fifty yrs.
Putnam, mounted his horse, ajid proceeded to Concord to join the patriots.
July 25, 1813, 86.
All his children were b.
Timothy « + 817.
June 18, 1755, in Lancaster, Mass.
June, 1760 ; m.
SAMUEL 6 811 i b.
Issue : — 826.
Jonathan," lived to great age in Westminster, Vt.
He was a Revolutionary hero, — in the battle of Bunker Hill, and then under Stark at Benning- ton.
He was a good and pious man : he read the Bible through twenty-seven times after he was seventy-five yrs.
Issue : — 830.
Alvan ' - - 834.
Israel ' + 835.
May, 1796 ; res.
Hannah Fosdick ; he settled near the old home- stead ; rem.
Issue : — 838.
Calvin Bennett, in Leominster, Mass.
Timothy Охладитель молока Jura cool control 1 L + 841.
Joshua not Коммутатор Cisco SF110-24 casually + 842.
Fidelity du Corneau, in New Or- leans, La.
Thomas " + 844.
George ' + 848.
Harvard, 1823 ; Epis.
PHINEAS6 817b.
May 29, 1753; m.
Mary Camp- bell, June 3, 1790; rem.
Phineas ' + 851.
Amos Allen of Luzerne, N.
May 9, 1833, in Granville, N.
Helen ' + 857.
Issue : — 858.
Wife Sarah, a very excel- lent and devoutly pious woman, died at the home of her dau.
The follow- ing is taken from an obituary notice : " When about forty- five years of age, she united with the Baptist church in Alstead, N.
She became the mother of ten children, nine of whom survive her, all cherishing a hope in Christ.
She passed through many trying and painful scenes in life, but was remarkably sustained in them all.
Her re- mains were deposited by the side of those of her hus- band.
Polly ' + 864.
William Woods of Nashua, N.
Simon 7 + 869.
Obed Kempton читать больше Newport, N.
Lucretia ' - - 871.
Sophronia,' physician in Boston, Mass.
RUFUS6 822b.
Issue : — 873.
Joel Howe of W.
Artemas "' + 876.
Dennis Bigelow of W.
April 6, 1794 ; m.
Elizabeth Townsend of Augusta, Ga.
Beals, 1825 ; m.
June 9, 1795 ; d.
Rufus 7 + 880.
July 21, 1864; res.
Lewis 7 + WILLIAM 6 825b.
Dorcas Whipple of Mason, N.
May 28, 1850 ; wife b.
May 19, 1769 ; d.
He was one of the pioneers in the temperance cause, an honored man in the community, and a consistent Christian.
Is- sue : — 883.
William ' + 885.
Otis 7 + 886.
Dorcas Warren '' - - SEVENTH GENERATION.
ALVAN7 833b.
July DELTA 2003/22 SP-3, 1790; m.
Issue : — 887.
May 26, 1817; res.
May 4, 1819 ; d.
July 9, 1820; d.
Cobb ; has one dau.
ISRAEL' 834b.
Issue : — fjt.
Sally White, in Boston, 1805; d.
JOSHUA 7 841b.
Nabby Warren, in Boston, Nov.
Issue : — 899.
Martha Celestine 8 -I- TH0MAS7 843b.
Meline Degrasse Veron, Sept.
Children : — 907.
Thomas Sidney ,« b.
William Henry ,8 b.
GEORGE ' 847b.
Of his ten children, five d.
Issue : — 915.
May 2, 1832; d.
McClellan in the Antietam campaign ; mer- chant.
Susan Hall ; 2d, Adelia Finch ; physician in Saratoga, N.
нажмите чтобы увидеть больше : — 925.
Day of Saratoga, N.
Mav 9, 1813, Isaac Coman of Luzerne, N.
June 25, 1814; m.
Charles Hastings of Detroit, Mich.
July 14, 1827 ; physician in Luzerne.
LEONARD" 853b.
Eleanor James ; grad.
Issue : — 935.
Mary Parmely ; grad.
Children : — 939.
Terwillager of Saratoga, N.
Issue : — 946.
Issue : — 948.
Milligan of Saratoga, N.
They had one son: — 950.
POLLY 7 863b.
Nahum Kingsbury of Al- stead, N.
Children : — 951.
LUCINDA' 866b.
Telem Dayton of Hadley, N.
Chil- dren: — 953.
Miss Lydia Houghton ; physician in Rockford, 111.
Benham of Fairfield, O.
By the help of a brother Freemason, he escaped, привожу ссылку reached the Union army at Fort Smith.
The family, left behind, suffered until the Union flag gave them pro- tection, and they settled in Indiana.
Children : — 955.
June 19, 1825 ; m.
John McMillan ; d.
Elizabeth Smead ; jeweller in Luzerne, N.
SIMON " 868b.
Merriam Eastman of Rupert, Vt.
From early life to his death he was an earnest and faithful laborer in the cause of the Re- deemer.
Issue : — 966.
The three last-named all d.
In his last letter to his father, dated six days before his death, he says : " But we cannot foretell what is before us ; yet if we are true to ourselves and our country, trusting in divine Providence, we may believe, what- ever the result, that it is for the best.
Daniel Bige- low Whitnev продолжить Putney, Vt.
July 21, 1832 ; d.
Gregg of Antrim, N.
ELISHA ' 873b.
Day, 1809 ; by trade a mason ; he went to New- York City, and, finding employment there, was about to remove his family, when he came to his death, Oct.
Issue : — 985.
источник статьи Day8 + 987.
Sarah Brooks ; shoemaker in Danbury, Ga.
Issue : — 989.
Lucinda Fisk of Upton, Mass.
Issue : — 992.
June 19, 1825 ; res.
Susan Simms ; res.
LEWIS " 882b.
Phelps of Lancaster, Mass.
Issue : — 997.
May 13, 1835; m.
Cross of West Boylston.
July 2, 1837 ; enlisted in 3d N.
WILLIAM ' 884b.
July 21, 1816, and d.
Children : — 1003.
July 29, 1846 ; sailor.
William Henry ,« b.
OTIS' 885lived on the old homestead, where his great-grandfather settled, until 1867, when he rem.
Issue : — 1007.
Pliny Clark, a farmer of Andover, Vt.
Children : — 1008.
Children : — 1009.
Adeline Valera Clark,i« b.
Sherman; was in the siege of Atlanta, and on the great march through FLETCHER GENEALOGY.
Child : — 1013.
Frederic Arthur Clark,'« b.
Children : — 1016.
Wil- liam Clark ; res.


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